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2nd Annual Scale-Up Indonesia

ScaleUp Indonesia 2015

Now is your chance to get up close and personal with one of the fastest growing countries in Asia!

Scale-Up Indonesia is a full day event designed for entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders, investors who would like to scale their business, insights, network, even net worth!
Main events:
  • Scale-Up 2.0 Conference (8AM-3PM) – Designed to energise, inspire and connect. This conference will pro- vide 200 select entrepreneurs with important tools that would help them tackle some of their biggest challenges in scaling-up their business. Topics covered will include how to build a winning team & culture, how to deal with investors, and how to maintain Founders’ Mentality with speakers including among others Raoul Oberman (Endeavor Indonesia Board) and Chris Zook (Bain&Co). See list of speakers down below.
  • Investor Gathering (3 PM – 5.30 PM) – This Investor Gathering will not only bring together investors from Indonesia, the region and beyond but will also give investors a chance to meet with some high-growth entrepreneurs in the Endeavor network and vice versa!
  • Endeavor Indonesia Gala Dinner (6.30 – 10 PM) – Join like-minded people and celebrate high-impact entrepreneurship with style! At Endeavor Indonesia Gala, you will not only cheer for some out- standing high-impact entrepreneurs and mentors, but you will also do it along side other business leaders, policy makers, and other entrepreneurship stakeholders from Indonesia and around the world. We will also award the Endeavor Indonesia Mentor of the Year and Endeavor Indonesia Entrepreneur of the Year!
  • After Party starts 10 PM to finish!

Side Event:

  • Indonesia Behind Closed Door/IBCD (8AM – 12 PM) - Designed exclusively for Endeavor network members, this intimate event aims to provide political, social, economic, and cultural context relevant to investing and doing business in Indonesia. Candid, off-the-record discussions with Indonesian key opinion leaders, including high-level policy makers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. (Limited seats (only 40 – so register early!)

Check out our 1st Scale-Up Indonesia in our Youtube video here, photos of Scale Up 101 Conference 2014 here, and Gala Dinner madness here. Don’t forget let us know what you think!

Arrival & Departure Times: All attendees should plan to arrive in Jakarta the day before (Monday, Feb 2, 2015).

Accommodation: The event is located in InterContinental MidPlaza Hotel Jakarta and should you need a room there, please contact contact Veronica Corrolla ( and cc ( for promotional rate with the hotel.

Visa:  You can get visa on arrival. Please visit the Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to find out more. Endeavor Indonesia can provide visa invitation letters upon request. Contact Elfitra Augustin (

More info:

Visiting JakartaThe capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is the economic, cultural, and political heart of the country. Its population of ten million comprises all of the Indonesian archipelago’s ethnic groups.

  • National Language: Bahasa Indonesia (with English as the second language)
  • Currency: Rupiah (IDR) [12,000 Rupiah: 1 USD]
  • Time Zone: Indonesia Western Time Zone (UTC+07:00)
  • Country Dialing Code: +62
  • Jakarta Telephone Area Code: 021
  • Average Daily Temperature in Jakarta in February: 28°C / 82°F

Important Numbers:

  • Police: 110 / 112
  • Ambulance: 118 / 119
  • Sahid Sahirman Hospital: +62 21 57853911
  • National Search & Rescue: 115
  • General Information: 108

Safety: Violent crimes and theft are rare in Jakarta. Visitors should, however, take the same safety precautions they would when travelling to any large city. It is strongly suggested that you keep your personal belongings out of sight and walk in groups, especially at night.

Jakarta Dress Code: Jakarta is a cosmopolitan city, and the attitude towards attire is relatively relaxed. Though Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world, there are no special restrictions on dress or behavior in day-to- day life. Female visitors can be assured that they will be readily accepted and welcomed. Visitors should, however, show respect for local culture and customs in public places by avoiding excessively revealing clothing. This is especially important when visiting religious places.For most of the year, summer clothing (lightweight, cotton clothing) is suitable, although warmer garments may be required in the rainy seasons (including February) and in air-conditioned offices, hotels, and shopping malls.

What you need to know about Jakarta:

  • Heavy traffic is a common occurrence. As a result, people usually plan trips by traffic time as opposed to distance. Always allow for ample time to travel as road conditions are unpredictable. It is best to ask locals for the estimated travel time.
  • Jakarta is a great place to practice bargaining, particularly when you visit more traditional markets and shopping centers.
  • You may occasionally see beggars on the street. We do not recommend giving them money. However, should you decide to do so, we recommend that you have small change ready as taking your wallet out on the street is not advisable.

Common Expressions in Bahasa:

  • Thank you: Terima Kasih
  • Sorry: Maaf
  • Please: Tolong

The below phrases may come in handy when giving directions:

  • Turn: Belok
  • Left: Kiri
  • Right: Kanan
  • Straight: Lurus
  • Forward/ Back: Maju/Mundur
  • In: Masuk
  • Out: Keluar
Transportation & Going Around: Transportation to/from the Airport: There are taxi stands for reliable, metered taxis at the Soekarno-Hatta airport. Endeavor recommends Blue Bird taxis, which can be identified by their light blue color and the “Blue Bird Group” logo. The Blue Bird taxi stand usually has the longest queuing line. Another option is Silver Bird, Blue Bird’s upscale taxi fleet. A trip from the airport to the InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza (including toll fees) is around IDR 160,000 – 300,000 (~USD15-30), with Silver Bird at the higher end of the scale. Alternatively, The InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza offers private transfers to and from the airport. If you would like to book a car service, please contact the hotel directly.
Taxi Services: Taxis are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get around Jakarta. The InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza has a dedicated Silver Bird taxi stand on its property. If you are out and about, we strongly caution against flagging freelance taxis in the street. Instead, we recommend calling the Blue Bird/Silver Bird Group to arrange for a driver to pick you up. Please remember to carry small change as Jakarta taxi drivers rarely give change.
Public Transportation: Public transportation in Jakarta comes mainly in the form of buses, which vary significantly in terms of reliability and safety. The most convenient and reliable are the Transjakarta buses, informally called “busway.” Transjakarta currently operates eight corridors (more details on connecting several points across Jakarta with dedicated bus stops. These buses cost 3500 Rp ($0.29) and are air-conditioned.

Endeavor Indonesia GalaEndeavor Indonesia Gala 

• Scale-up 2.0 Conference •


Scale-Up 2.0 Conference

Scale-Up 2.0 Conference 2

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