30 Under 30 Asia: Carline Darjanto (Cotton Ink) & Arief Widhiyasa (Agate Studio) Join The List

First the U.S., then Europe and now Asia – Forbes 30 Under 30 has truly gone global this year to highlight the young talents emerging all around the world. For months on end our correspondents from around the region have been looking for the 300 best and brightest millennials who are disrupting and changing the faces of their industries.

To make it happen, Forbes assembled over a dozen reporters from China to Australia, India – and about as many countries in the region – to research and come up with thousands of nominations covering all industries. We then looked through and cut the list down to a few hundred names that were sent to our panel of 30 judges, who helped decide who made the final cut. Those included household names like designer Kenzo Takada and Malaysian Hollywood actress Michelle Yeoh, as well as highly respected experts in their fields like Kaifu Lee, Solina Chau, Allan Zeman and many more.

The outcome was a group of 300 young and driven entrepreneurs and game-changers who are contributing to their industries in a significant way. These include a mix of brilliant sports stars (Indian cricket Captain Virat Kohli, 27), leaders in technology (facial recognition developer Yin Qi, 27) and those who are doing great things to change the world around them (affordable housing architect Alok Shetty, 29).

With 10 categories in total, our inaugural 30 Under 30 Asia list highlights inspiring young leaders in various fields covering consumer technology, enterprise technology, the arts, health care & science, media, social entrepreneurship, finance, industry and retail. View all list here.
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Endeavor Indonesia Entrepreneurs’ Carline Darjanto of Cotton Ink and Arief Widhiyasa of Agate Studio join the list.

Carline Darjanto (Cotton Ink) in Retail & E-Commerce Category
Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.25.29 AM
Arief Widhiyasa (Agate Studio) in Consumer Tech Category
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Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 11.29.58 AM