Aaron Fishman

East Bali Cashews

“What I value most about Endeavor is the network. In Indonesia it’s very very difficult to find a group of like-minded individuals who really have the desire for the same goals that you do. The biggest goal for us at this point is really being in the country and hearing all the wisdom the Endeavor network has to offer”

Industry : Consumer
Year selected : 2015

Aaron Fishman was selected on August 2015 at the 60th International Selection Panel in San Francisco, California

While Bali is known for its idyllic beaches, it’s cashew industry is marred by destructive extraction, abusive labor practices, and self-serving middlemen. East Bali Cashew (EBC) processes and sells gourmet quality cashews in a wide selection of flavors that are delicious, nutritious, and affordable; EBC also uses sustainable and ethical practices that enrich the lives of farmers and snackers alike. Nielsen reports that worldwide spending on snacks reached US$372B in 2014, with annual snack sales growing two-times faster in developing countries. Since its founding in 2012, EBC has doubled its cashew production every 9 months, and EBC projects that it will process 1,000 tons of cashews this year and earn US$2.2M in sales. EBC educates and invests in its local supplier network which helps the company source a premium product that it can also sell for an affordable price to customers. Because EBC processes cashews where they are grown, the company has has created 325 jobs for people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to formal employment.

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