Anne Widjaja Sekita

Indonesia Bike Works

Industry :
Year selected : December 2017 at 76th International Selection Panel in Miami, USA

The biking industry in Indonesia is “wheelie” behind the times. Cyclists in the country are left to choose between mass-produced, toy-ish models meant for leisurely rides around the block or exorbitantly expensive competition bikes intended for star athletes. Additionally, bike dealers historically conduct all business offline, placing orders by telephone and waiting blindly for deliveries without any way to check order status. Indonesia Bike Works (IBW) manufactures mid to high-end bicycles and accessories that balance trendy designs with world-class performance and has developed proprietary technology for dealers to place and track orders. With its bikes already donned by 2017 BMW World Cup riders and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympians, IBW is “gearing up” to tackle the Asian bike market and soon hopes to be a household name for every cycler in Asia.