Anton Wirjono

The Goods Group

“Everything that Endeavor was doing was exactly what we needed. Me and my partners – we do things more professionally and more carefully. We see the future as a lot brighter”

Industry : Creative Industry, Food & Beverages, Retail
Year selected : 2013

Anton Wirjono was selected on August 2013 at the 49th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Johannesburg, South Africa

Jakarta native Anton founded The Goods Group in 2010, in his dream of becoming the “universal provider of everything cool.”

Today, the chain of multi-label stores based in Jakarta, Indonesia, is fast becoming a major hub for fashion and lifestyle products from a selection of local and international brands. Since 2016, the concept are expanding to a handful of concept including The Goods Dept retail outlet(7 locations, all in Jakarta) which offered curated selection of edgy group, The Goods Supply (3 locations) which supplies wider variety of edgy goods, The Goods Cafe (7 locations, mostly adjacent to The Goods Dept retail outlets), The Goods Diner (located at SCBD, Jakarta), The Good Burger (5 locations), The Goods Coffee (4 locations).

The Goods Group retail and restaurant locations collectively have 1,2 millions people visiting in 2016. The Goods Group delivers significant value to its affiliated brands and businesses. The store and restaurant platform also provides guidance on pricing, quality control, and supply chain sustainability to inexperienced local suppliers. Anton possesses a unique fluency in Indonesian pop culture that he has applied to marketing efforts. In addition to its consumer products, The Goods Department features rotating events such as art exhibitions and screenings that cater to his hip target demographic.

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