Arief Widhiyasa

Agate Studio

"Being in the game industry in Indonesia it's really hard because we couldn't find senior people in the industry. After becoming Endeavor Entrepreneur, we are exposed to experienced senior mentors worldwide!"

Industry : Creative Industry, Game Industry
Year selected : 2014

Arief Widhiyasa was selected on February 2014 at the 52nd International Selection Panel in Jakarta, Indonesia

With over 120 developed games and partnerships with premier Japanese studios, Agate Studio is one of Indonesia’s leading game development studios. Operating within a US$661M market, Agate Studio creates a wide array of B2C games available on mobile apps and online, including the popular and award-winning Football Saga 2. The company expects to reach 720,000 monthly active users (MAU) and around 80 corporate clients, generating US$3.5M in revenue. As one of Indonesia’s first game developers and the first to offer advertising and training game services, Agate has become the go-to studio for businesses seeking to utilize these tools.

Agate already counts Samsung, Unilever, Ford, and Nokia as corporate clients, for whom it develops innovative marketing or educational tools. In the B2C market alone, the company has seen MAU grow year-over-year by 157%. It was the first Indonesian company invited to the Tokyo Game Show, one of the industry’s largest expos boasting over 200,000 attendees. Agate has partnered with some of Japan’s top gaming companies, including Square Enix, to develop games and learn industry best practices and gain know-how.

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