Cowan Finch

Synergy Efficiency Solutions (SES)

Industry : Energy
Year selected : 2016

Cowan Finch was selected on July 2016 at the 65th International Selection Panel in Bali, Indonesia – Read more

Synergy Efficiency Solutions (SES) is an energy efficiency firm that designs low energy, green buildings and retrofits old inefficient buildings in Indonesia. The company offers new building designs for property developers to optimize the energy efficiency of their new buildings, and energy audits for clients that simply want to understand the energy consumption inefficiencies in their existing buildings. To realize potential energy savings, clients can opt for ESCO financing, a model where the firm guarantees a certain amount of savings and funds the building redesign themselves to take a percentage of future savings on energy reduction. In addition to designing Indonesia’s first LEED platinum certified building, SES designed the University of Multimedia Nusantara, which was recognized by the Indonesian Ministry of Energy as the most efficient building in the country.