Can i support Endeavor in a non-event kind of way?

Where there’s an opportunity to support high-impact entrepreneurship in any ways, anything is possible! We’re all ears for your thoughts. Drop us an email on info.indonesia@endeavor.org

Can Endeavor be a community partner in other event?

That is doable. We have partnered with Tech in Asia, Echelon, GEPI, Entrepreneurs Festival, and few mini entrepreneurship-based events. Contact elfitra.augustin@endeavor.org, our Community & Events team for potential partnership request.

What kind of partnership opportunities that Endeavor has?

Endeavor is a network that promotes high-impact entrepreneurship. From finding potential entrepreneurs to create impactful engagements within entrepreneurship ecosystem player​s, we hold several events to support that. Check our event calendars and let us know what you have in mind!

I know a good mentor. Can i refer that person to Endeavor?

Of course! Mentor is at the heart of Endeavor. You may give the mentor information form to that person.

I’m sold! ​How can i become an Endeavor mentor?

We’re happy that you feel that!​ Click the ‘Be an Endeavor Mentor’ button in our homepage (or else, you can click here too!) and fill in the form. Our team will contact you for further engagement.

What does an Endeavor mentor do?

Your role is to inspire entrepreneurs to think big and make better business decisions. We have prepared a nice information with the title “Endeavor Indonesia Guide to Happy Mentoring” here.

Wait. Endeavor Access?

Uh huh. When you click the ‘become an entrepreneur’ button, you’ll be directed to ourEndeavor Access website. Simply follow the step and fill in the form provided. Can’t access the site? Let us know in info.indonesia@endeavor.org!​

I’ve filled the form in Endeavor Access. What’s next?

To lead the global movement to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best High-Impact Entrepreneurs around the world. Endeavor helps entrepreneurs overcome barriers to growth by providing the key ingredients to success: mentorship; networks; strategic advice; talent; skills; access to smart capital; and inspiration. Guided by Endeavor, these entrepreneurs generate sustainable economic growth and jobs, become self-made role models, and help nurture a culture of entrepreneurship which spurs investment and encourages people to think big

What do you mean by High-Impact Entrepreneurs?


In screening thousands of entrepreneur candidates, Endeavor has come to recognize that those with high-impact potential may enter the process at different stages of growth, represent different industries, and require varying services. In the Search & Selection process, Endeavor helps the panelists by providing the following classifications for candidates:


Strategic thinkers who build companies that make things faster, better, cheaper

Rocketship entrepreneurs are strategic, rational thinkers who are focused on driving efficiency and making something faster, better, cheaper. They are often “minnovators” who start companies that apply or adapt a proven model to fill a market gap. Many have corporate or business education backgrounds (e.g. MBAs), and are focused on growing their companies to industry leadership and becoming the next respected CEOs. Rocketships tend to have a clear revenue model and formula for growth. Successful Rocketships are able to execute effectively and can achieve regional or global scale and rapid revenue acceleration. But as the most practical and analytical entrepreneurs, they can sometimes miss out on opportunities for creativity and innovation.



Ambitious changemakers who energize steady businesses/”old” industries to turbo-charge growth

Transformer entrepreneurs are ambitious changemakers running established companies seeking to reach the next level of growth and stay at the forefront of their (often traditional) industry (e.g. industrials, food and retail franchises, for-profit social enterprises). Many are socially-minded and combine profit focus with a desire to change society and/or create jobs. By harnessing innovation and building a strong company culture, these entrepreneurs can reenergize and transform what others may perceive as a ‘boring business’. Successful Transformers can accelerate revenue growth, hire lots of people, have major impact on their communities and become ‘national champions;’ however, they may find it difficult to transcend the traditional challenges of their business sector.



Visionaries leading bold, disruptive ventures

Diamond entrepreneurs are big dreamers who start innovative and disruptive companies, which often create a brand new way of solving problems (e.g. consumer driven marketplaces, networks, social media in recent years). Diamonds are powerful ‘evangelists’ who capture the imagination of those they come into contact with as they talk about how their idea can be revolutionary. But Diamonds also often have difficulty monetizing their idea, and lack a clear roadmap for the future as these nascent industries are rapidly changing. Diamonds tend to have a highly unstable and unpredictable growth trajectory – when they succeed they can become ‘game changers’ and many go on to become serial entrepreneurs and ‘super angels’; but they can also fail fast. Either way, Diamonds’ inflection point comes early.



Charismatic personalities with compelling brands that inspire deep customer loyalty

Star entrepreneurs are big, charismatic personalities who start branded companies, often consumer focused or creative in nature (e.g. designers, beauty companies, luxury retail…). They are powerful brand ambassadors who place a premium on the customer experience, build strong corporate cultures, and rarely compete on price and efficiency. In fact, they usually expect to command a higher price for the design of their products or uniqueness of their services. Successful Stars are not only able to scale, but also inspire deep national and regional pride; but others can remain a one man/woman show.


How do i know if i’m right for Endeavor?

You’ll never know until you try. The sky is the limit! A little introduction about your business and yourself will help us with the screening process. Our selection process consist of few stages. Check how we select entrepreneurs here.