Adrian Agus

Puyo Desserts

Industry : Food & Beverages
Year selected : 2016

Adrian Agus was selected on July 2016 at the 65th International Selection Panel in Bali, Indonesia – Read more

Puyo is an Indonesian food and beverage company that was co-founded by a brother and sister team, Adrian & Eugenie Agus while they were still in university in 2013. They are known for their silky desserts and silky drinks that are sold in malls around Greater Jakarta. Puyo grew organically from an initial capital of $400 and have not had any further investments ever since. The business initially started by selling their product online through Instagram and pop-up stores, until they had enough capital to open their first permanent store in a mall. With more than 60K followers, they are one of the leading F&B Indonesian brand on Instagram. Puyo has a central kitchen that distributes their product to currently 25 outlets around Jakarta.

Puyo takes branding and product quality very seriously, their aim is to become a local brand that Indonesians can be proud of and have an international standard. Started by cooking the silky dessert themselves with 2 staffs, now Puyo employs more than 150 people in the company.

The founders does a lot of sharing and speaking especially in universities around Indonesia. Puyo was also featured in a famous national talk show Kick Andy in 2015. Their mission; to add happiness to people’s day though food and service excellence.

“Puyo success story will be a great example for Indonesia to continuously pound on the next level. Adrian was not just satisfy on having a strong presence in the trending food bazaar, not on moving his business to have permanent presence in malls, not on making it the business most efficient operations, but he is intending to make a new classics. This will translate to his making a corporate and methodic approach on making Puyo sustain.” – International Selection Panel panelist.