Hanifa Ambadar

Female Daily

"Tidak hanya dari segi bisnis, Endeavor juga membantu saya dari segi personal"

Industry : E-Commerce, Beauty
Year selected : 2014

Hanifa Ambadar was selected on October 2014 at the 55th International Selection Panel in Istanbul, Turkey

Female Daily Network (FDN) helps Indonesian women look and feel beautiful. FDN is the largest online community for young Indonesian women. Its primary portal, FemaleDaily.com, provides beauty-related content to help women navigate an industry with more available products than any other retail vertical.

Founder Hanifa Ambadar links her entrepreneurial ambitions to her father. She pursued a bachelor’s degree in marketing at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and an MBA in management information systems. While in the US, she was often inundated with requests about the latest American fashion trends. In 2005, deciding the most efficient way to respond would be by blogging, she started FemaleDaily.com.

The website soon attracted its first major ad client, and was named Indonesia’s Best Blog for Women. Encouraged by this growth, Hanifa returned to Indonesia in 2009 and rented a small office.
FemaleDaily.com, FDN’s primary site provides tips and tutorials for women to navigate countless options for makeup, skincare, treatments, and trends. The parallel portal for mothers, MommiesDaily.com, attracts FemaleDaily.com visitors as they move through new stages of life. Corporate clients can purchase standard advertising options, including banner ads and product placement. As the first website in Indonesia to target women, establish a member-led forum platform, and index customer beauty product reviews, FDN has a strong track record of anticipating and responding to market needs

Endeavor is excited to accept an entrepreneur who is already an evangelist for Endeavor and entrepreneurship and a role model in a nation where only 5% of CEOs are women.

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