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Siaran pers, 4 Oktober 2012

Co-founder of Indomog, Vincent Iswaratioso, along with President Director of Kartuku, Niki Luhur and CEO and co-founder of Ruma, Aldi Haryopratomo were selected at Endeavor’s 45th International Selection Panel (ISP) held in Istanbul on October 1-3, 2012, making them the first Indonesian high-impact entrepreneurs joining Endeavor global network, The ISP brought together entrepreneurs from Brazil, Chile, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Mexico, and Turkey.

“We attracted entrepreneur candidates from four continents to Istanbul, representing the true breadth of Endeavor’s efforts to identify and support high impact entrepreneurs throughout the world,” said Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “After an outstanding ISP in Istanbul, I am thrilled to welcome our first Endeavor Entrepreneurs from Indonesia. We commend Vincent, Niki, and Aldi for their achievements thus far, and look forward to being part of their growth stories in the years to come.”

The International Selection Panel is the culmination of a rigorous multi-step Search & Selection process where top local and international business leaders interview and then offer guidance to entrepreneur candidates. Two of Endeavor Indonesia respective board members; Mr. Husodo Angkosubroto and Mr. Harun Hajadi, attended the event as panelists. “We are so excited that Vincent, Niki, and Aldi officially become Endeavor Entrepreneurs with overwhelming unanimous decision. This is a tipping point for Indonesia to be in the forefront to become an entrepreneurial country. I myself, as a panelists, testify that the selection process at the ISP was very rigorous and thorough”, said Mr. Harun Hajadi.

Post-selection, Endeavor provides entrepreneurs with customized services provided by local business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms and top U.S. business schools. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have had a significant track record of creating thousands of jobs and building sustainable growth models in their home countries.

“We are very proud that our three entrepreneurs attending the Istanbul ISP were all selected. They have demonstrated the scalability of their businesses in the country and the entrepreneurs represent the high-impact potential necessary to drive economic growth in Indonesia. We look forward to identifying and supporting more Indonesian high-impact entrepreneurs,” said Sati Rasuanto, Managing Director, Endeavor Indonesia.

Indomog ( is Indonesia’s first comprehensive payment service provider for online transactions. Indomog has secured partnerships with the majority of Indonesia’s game distributors and several international tech companies including Google and Facebook. “Being selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur and the process that I went through was one of the most amazing experience that I have ever been. I was granted access to amazing individuals globally that are relevant to my business,” said Vincent. “Ideas and advices were by given by these successful people that were genuinely interested to mentor me to grow my business. I am deeply grateful and looking forward to work with all the resources and networks that Endeavor Global provides.”

Kartuku (
provides payment processing solutions through secure and reliable hardware, software, and service offerings. Kartuku manages and services everything from data servers to point-of-sale payment devices. This model provides banks, retail merchants, and payment agents with a convenient “one-stop” solution for all their payment processing needs along with built-in risk reduction mechanisms. “It’s been incredible that so many great global leaders have committed to help entrepreneurs grow by sharing their valuable time and insights,” said Niki. “I’m very impressed that the Endeavor team has been able to create such an amazing network of individuals, from local board members to the international panelists. The quality of the knowledge shared has been priceless. There’s been such an amazing energy at Endeavor, and I look forward to becoming deeply involved with Endeavor for many years to come.”

Ruma (
has created a platform through which Indonesia’s small, traditional shops can buy and sell prepaid minutes via SMS. Ruma is now implementing tools for market intelligence, bill payment, and mobile banking to fully leverage their large network of over 4,000 active shops. “We received great support and are connected to an invaluable network in İndonesıa through our İndonesia board and Endeavor team,” said Aldi. “During the selection panel, we were gıven transformational advice from world class entrepreneurs and experts, including the Dean of Stanford Business School. And of course, it was fascinating to meet entrepreneurs from around the world ın Istanbul. We hope this will be the first step towards bringing the mentorship and collaborative culture like what İ saw in Sılıcon Valley to İndonesia.”

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