Odi Anindito

Coffee Toffee

“What I like about Endeavor is that we have aligned goals and missions. Since the start, Coffee Toffee is never only about creating profits. It’s also about creating positive impact to the society, making marks in the history of Indonesia’s entrepreneurship, and also a role model that can inspire the future generations. Endeavor has helped us by showing the way to reach that goal, giving us the tools to go there and teach us how to use those tools to effectively reach our goals”

Industry : Food & Beverages
Year selected : 2015

Coffee Toffee is well on its way to becoming the largest local coffee chain in Indonesia. The country is one of the world’s top producers of coffee, yet does not even crack the top 60 in terms of consumption.

Founder Odi Anindito obtained a degree from Surabaya’s Institute of Technology, where he majored in IT. However, his real education came from working at a coffee ship in Melbourne, Australia. He enjoyed working their so much that he made a deal with the owner: he would work extra hours and in exchange the owner would teach Odi everything about coffee.

When Odi returned to Indonesia and graduated from SIT, he used his technical skills to found a healthcare IT company. He later started several smaller ventures, including a coffee kiosk. Unfortunately, he merged his personal and business funds into one account, and one of his partners emptied it. He was left with nothing, but revamped Coffee Toffee with all of his energy.

Coffee Toffee offers high quality local products at almost half the price of competitors. In addition, it sells baked goods, pastas and other foods. Odi’s pioneering ways earned him recognition when, in 2012, the Ministry of Trade elected him chairman of franchise development for East Java.

Coffee Toffee operates on a 100% Indonesian model; it offers entirely Indonesian products, carefully selects domestic suppliers and processes the coffee in Surabaya.