Sugianto Tandio

Tirta Marta

“The is the kind of service that Endeavor provides platforms to speed up, bringing the company to the next level”

Industry : Technology
Year selected : Athens, March 2013

Tirta Marta was established in 1971 as a pioneer in flexible packaging material. In 2010, Tirta Marta revamped his family’s plastics company by launching two groundbreaking eco-friendly technologies: OXIUM® (a natural additive to plastic that ensures rapid degradation) and ECOPLAS® a biodegradable plastic polymer made from tapioca). Through these products, Sugianto hopes to provide a long-term answer to the problem of waste accumulation and pollution. Today, over 90% of Indonesian modern markets and convenience stores exclusively stock OXIUM® plastic shopping bags. Additionally, since the active ingredient grows only in the tropics, Tirta Marta’s growth will provide cascading benefits to millions of farmers in tropical regions.

Although the popularity of eco-friendly products is on the rise in both developed and emerging markets, the limited supply of sustainable, environmentally friendly plastic has been a major bottleneck. In just two years, OXIUM® and ECOPLAS® have outperformed other technologies that have entered the marketplace in the last decade.

Sugianto’s ECOPLAS®has a 25% – 50% higher price-point compared to conventional plastic and is 200% – 500% less expensive than other bio-plastics. He has found a core customer base in sustainability-conscious retailers such as Sanuk, Billabong, Bata and Zara. Moreover, Tirta Marta’s proprietary technology and competitive pricing of its products place it in a strong position to further its commercial growth. Sugianto has established a sizable network of manufacturing and sales partnerships throughout Asia and is gradually expanding his company’s reach to the U.S. and Latin America.