Krishnan Menon


ISP is a whole new different level of experience compared to anything we have had before. Going to Palo Alto,  meeting so many like-minded entrepreneurs and other successful venture builders,  investors,  Endeavour staff, was one of a kind experience. Being selected feels great and to be the first Indonesian companies to be selected at Palo Alto feels exceptional.

Industry : E-Commerce, Retail
Year selected : December 2016 at 68th ISP in Palo Alto, CA

When it comes to furniture buying, Indonesians shy away from online platforms because of inconsistent delivery times, careless handling, and untrustworthy online payment options. Meanwhile, offline retailers maintain high prices for boutique local brands or cheaper products with inconsistent craftsmanship.

Fabelio is a disruption to furniture retailing that combines the richness of Indonesia’s design and  craftsmanship, while adding a modern touch to it at 20-30% cheaper price than competition. It is the only furniture retailer in Indonesia that offers a 30-day return policy and 365 day warranty on all of its pieces.