Endeavor Mission

Endeavor Indonesia Mission

High-Impact Entrepreneurs create thriving companies that employ hundreds, even thousands of people, and generate millions in wages and revenues. And they have the power to inspire countless others as leading role models. Together, these entrepreneurs hold the key to sustained economic growth in emerging markets.

High-Impact Entrepreneurs dream of becoming the next great success story, but having launched in emerging countries, face considerable barriers to growth:

• Cost of Failure      • Lack of contacts or mentors       • Limited Management expertise

• Lack of trust          • Lack of Role Models                     • Limited access to smart capital

Endeavor helps High-Impact Entrepreneurs unleash their potential by providing an unrivaled network of seasoned business leaders, who provide the key ingredients to entrepreneurial success:





Endeavor began as a sketch on the back of a napkin; In 1997, Linda Rottenberg and Peter Kellner sat down and formulated their vision of an organization dedicated to catalyzing the growth of High-Impact Entrepreneurship in developing countries. And so Endeavor was born.

(Left-right: Peter Kellner, Linda Rottenberg)


Supports over 1,490 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from over 930 companies in 30 emerging and growth market countries around the world. Over 650k+ high-quality jobs created by Endeavor Entrepreneurs. $10 billion revenues generated by Endeavor Entrepreneurs in 2016. Over 3,000+ local and global business executives and 30k+ hours of counsel provided by Endeavor mentors in 2015-2016. (More on Endeavor Impact here)

Endeavor Map (as of May 2017)



Endeavor Indonesia was established in early 2012 to build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia through High-Impact Entrepreneurship. High-Impact Entrepreneurs benefit their society beyond creating jobs and economic wealth and we believe that a small group of them can create a virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship, which in the long run will lead to a sustainable economic development of Indonesia.

Endeavor selects and supports the kinds of entrepreneurs who would build great companies and serve as role models for Indonesia’s future generations, and provides them access to best-in class tools, knowledge and network to help them scale-up.

The Indonesia office is well on its way, with a pipeline of young talents, a strong portfolio of mentors, and a dynamic team of committed individuals ready to serve at the forefront of Indonesia’s growing entrepreneurship space.

Endeavor Indonesia’s Board of Directors comprises Indonesian business leaders, who provide financial and strategic support and also serve as mentors for entrepreneurs in the network.

Endeavor Indonesia Founding Board Member