Niki Luhur


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Industry : Technology
Year selected : 2013

Since its founding in 2001, Kartuku is a first integrated end-to-end Third Party Processor for electronic payments in Indonesia.

Born in Jakarta, Kartuku’s President Director Niki Luhur, moved to the US to attend boarding school and graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University. Niki discovered his passion for technology early on, and worked as a financial analyst upon graduating. In 2006, Niki’s father asked him to return to Indonesia to help run Kartuku, a struggling payment hardware company in which his father was an angel-investor. Niki seized the opportunity and returned home.

He soon realized that the company needed to innovate in order to excel in the changing market. His initial step was to build strong relationships with acquiring banks and help manage their fleets of EDCs. He quickly secured a client, and opened offices nationwide. Niki was able to offer large retail merchants a streamlined payment processing service.

Today, Kartuku provides banks, retail merchants, and payment agents with convenient, comprehensive, and secure solutions for all their payment processing needs. Kartuku’s current products span four lines primarily based on its customer types: managed services (banks), payment processing (merchants), bill payment solutions (payment agents), and hardware (mostly banks). It is the first company in Indonesia to successfully integrate the country’s major banks and several large retailers into a fully supported payment network.