Regi Wahyu


"Endeavor is great platform to learn how to scale-up and build ecosystem who believe in collaboration."

Industry : Technology
Year selected : 2016 at 64th International Selection Panel in Madrid

Regi Wahyu was selected on 2016 at 64th International Selection Panel in Madrid

     The growth of emerging countries will dramatically shift the world’s economic and power landscape. However, the rapid growth of these emerging countries is slowed-down by major challenges. As Southeast Asia’s largest economy continues to grow, Indonesia’s companies face increasingly bulky piles of records and statistics with no means of using the information to their advantage.  Mediatrac is Indonesia’s first big data analytics company that harnesses the power of Big Data and AI to connect data at granular level, enabling groundbreaking solutions to the nation’s toughest challenges. To better reflect its new focus on Data Analytics, Mediatrac was rebranded as Dattabot in 2016. Dattabot AI-powered platform will collect and connect data to give valuable and contextual recommendations.

     Dattabot offers enterprises a platform that integrates scattered and fragmented internal data with publicaly-available data, converting it into real and actionable intelligence.  The Company’s technology solution have worked and delivered various projects and initiatives for leading companies in Indonesia. It does so with their strong products and services: Analytic Services, System Integrator, Industrial Internet and DattaBot Dojo. Dattabot is the first mover in Indonesia’s big data market, and its proprietary technology presents a high barrier to entry for any potential competitors. Here, Dattabot builds innovative technology products on top of its platform. In addition, the Company’s technology platform is supported by partners who are leaders in their respective fields which include GE, Microsoft, Talend, and Planet. For its future expansion, Mediatrac will focus on building technology solutions on the small medium enterprise financing services and Agriculture.

     Entrepreneur Regi Wahyu  graduated with a degree in Business from Padjadjaran University in 1999 and has a proven track record as an international business development professional.  Holding positions at Development Dimensions International and GE earlier in his career, Regi joined DuPont Company in the mid-2000s as Regional Product Leader for Asia.  He soon transitioned into the Director for Business Development in Indonesia, managing more than US$60 million restructuring of DuPont’s oil and gas sustainable solution portfolio in his home country.  Fed up with the corporate world, Regi left DuPont in early 2010, and shifted his focus to more entrepreneurial projects. He founded the Indonesian offices of two marketing and communications firms, Posterscope and Isobar, while investing in a third, Mediatrac. Late 2014, he successfully selling his stakes in both marketing companies to large Japanese advertising company and convinced of the potential of big data analytics, Regi decided to concentrate solely on Mediatrac, becoming CEO in January 2015.