Rex Marindo

Cita Rasa Prima (CRP Group)

Industry : Food & Beverages
Year selected : 2017

Cita Rasa Prima Indonesia Berjaya (CRP Group) is an Indonesia based local food F&B chain. CRP group has 5 brands currently namely Nasi Goreng Rempah Mafia, Warunk UpNormal, Bakso Boedjangan, Sambal Khas Karmila and UpNormal Coffee Roaster with 71 outlets in 19 cities across Indonesia. Founded in October 2013, with their first brand Nasi Goreng Rempah Mafia, the perfect blend of founders with each founder having expertise in marketing, branding & design, product development, operations, public relations, finance & tech, and overall administrational background, the company has accelerated its growth over 3x year-on-year since last years. The group currently serves over 35,000 consumers every day across all its outlets and have plans to serve over a million consumers per day across all brands all outlets, and hoping to achieve this in the next 5-7 year time period.

Born in Palembang, CRP Group’s Marketing Director Rex Marindo, moved to Bandung to continue his education in Economics. Rex discovered his passion for Brand & Marketing and build his own consultant company since 2005. In 8 years, Rex explored the opportunities through various industries and decide to take pivot in his business. He decided to start his F&B company in 2013, CRP (Cita Rasa Prima Indonesia Berjaya) Group with the main concept of bringing Indonesian Local Food to The Next Level. His initial step was to build strong concept in most familiar food in Indonesia and bring out strong differentiation in every each brand. Rex was able to spread the “new wave” of Local Restaurants, that offers high value with affordable price. CRP group aims to bring the Indonesian Local Street Food to the next level by providing, unique food in a clean environment with priority for Food Safety at an affordable price point to the Indonesian middle income consumers