Reynazran Royono


The International Selection Panel process was Intensely Satisfying. Being able to meet with and be challenged by such eminent personalities from one of the most mature markets in the technology sector is both exciting and humbling at the same time.

Industry : Technology
Year selected : December 2016 at 68th ISP in Palo Alto, CA

Reynazran Royono was selected on December 2016 at the 68th International Selection Panel in Palo Alto, CA

Reynazran Royono (Rey) is the Founder and CEO of Snapcart, a startup specializing in developing Mobile-based Real Time Shopper Engagement Tool, partnering with multinational and local consumer goods companies. Prior to Snapcart, he worked for 9 years at Procter & Gamble handling various regional leadership assignment; he was the Modern Retail Director before moving to Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Having worked in BCG for 3 years, as a Project Leader, Rey supported and lead strategic projects in Retail & Consumers Goods, Technology – Media – Telecommunication, and Public Sector practice areas.

In 2014, as the CEO of (a 701Search joint-venture company of Singapore Press Holding, Schibsted, and Telenor) he led the site to be the no. 1 commerce site in Indonesia within just 6 months. He enjoys traveling, eating out, and a skilled online gamer whenever he is not working on building Snapcart. Globally he ranked 8th in the massive mobile online game “Battle Camp” PvP ranking.

Snapcart provides real-time offline shopper and consumer insights for brands. Through its receipt-scanning cashback mobile application, Snapcart collects billions of data points at an individual shopper level, an unprecedented level of data granularity in the market research industry. This brings brands much closer to a holistic understanding of shoppers than ever before.

Snapcart can identify optimal promotion level to maximize revenue, help evaluate media spend effectiveness, deep dive into purchasing habits, and many more. It is recognized globally and hailed as the top 22 most disruptive companies in the world by Disrupt 100. Snapcart has partnered up with over 75 brands of fast-moving consumer goods companies in South East Asia. For more information, visit