Steven Kim


“2 things that are really impactful from the Endeavor network: one is the connections and the network that you have access to. With Endeavor basically no doors are actually closed. Secondly is a lot of knowledge that is shared to that network. You get a chance to talk to these key CEOs on different topics and actually getting honest feedback”

Industry : Data, Marketing & Media
Year selected : Singapore, February 2015

Steven Kim was selected on February 2015 at the 57th International Selection Panel in Singapore

With a booming restaurant industry in Indonesia diners have more options than ever to enjoy fine cuisine – if they know where to find it. Through Qraved’s website and mobile app, potential patrons can browse and make reservations at over 3,000 restaurants in Jakarta and Bali.

With a thirst for entrepreneurship and a hunger for ecommerce companies, founder Steven Kim is a serial entrepreneur. He was born in Korea, and received an MBA from INSEAD in Singapore. Upon graduating, Steven was involved in several online ventures, which he helped build. In all the ventures Steven led expansion efforts that provided him with insights that assisted him in building Qraved.

The idea for Qraved came to Steven one day as he was searching for an Italian restaurant and was frustrated by the lack of information online. He recognized that Indonesia lacked a one-stop solution for relevant restaurant reviews, information, and reservations. To fill this gap, he founded Qraved in 2013 along with Adrian Li and Sean Liao.

Qraved is a one-stop shop for restaurants to fill tables and increase revenue. For a basic subscription clients can choose to pay either a monthly subscription fee for every diner seated, or they can pay per diner seated with no monthly subscription. Both options allow restaurants to upload content on the Qraved website, manage reservations, and utilize a vender management system.