Susie Sugden


Industry : Commerce
Year selected : 2014

Susie Sugden was selected on October 2014 at the 55th International Selection Panel in Istanbul, Turkey

Susie Sugden is a Managing Director at Paraplou (formerly Vela Asia) and an e-commerce and retail expert based in Indonesia since 2011. He is confident in digital marketing, merchandising for online stores, speakers and regular writers in conferences and technology blogs. Prior to the establishment of Vela, Susie formed, the largest e-commerce site in Indonesia, and Managing Director of SITTI Technology, a major online advertising network in Indonesia. Before she moved to Indonesia, Susie worked as a specialist at the Boston Consulting Group.

Paraplou Group is a partner and eCommerce retailer of Indonesia, depending on the premium fashion. Paraplou works with brands and manufacturers for their end-to-end eCommerce online sales operations, from site to warehouse.

Paraplou Group has ceased operations since October 2015. Visit the Paraplou Group website for more info.