Vincent Iswaratioso

Indomog/ Alipay Indonesia

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Industry : Technology
Year selected : 2013

Vincent Iswaratioso, formerly founder of Indomog, now is the head of Alipay for Indonesia.

He has been a technology guru since he built his own PC at the age of 10. He pursued an undergraduate degree from Loyola Marymount University, and an MBA at Waseda University. Upon graduating, he started Polaris, a technology center, with friends.

Indomog is allowing Indonesian consumers to pay for online transactions at over 100,000 cash collection points throughout the country, and is providing an expansive payment network for online retailers and businesses. Through its services, Indomog has begun to harness a market of tremendous potential.

In 2008, while researching the gaming industry in anticipation of starting a publishing company, Vincent realized that a major issue was online payment. Over the course of several months, Vincent discussed his findings with friends, and used industry connections to build a team for Indomog. After officially launching in 2008, Indomog quickly attracted large clients.

Today, Indomog offers give primary payment methods by which consumers can pay for online transactions: POS, bank service, credit card, retail store, and mobile agents. These methods allow consumers to pay for online goods at physical locations. Indomog has helped trigger impressive market penetration for companies who previously had trouble monetizing their online offerings.

As a first mover in Indonesia, Indomog enjoys a significant advantage over its competition. It boasts an extensive distribution capacity, strong domestic reputation, and prominent international partnerships.